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MC app: Zain by ShySpiderPrince MC app: Zain by ShySpiderPrince

General Identification ]

» Name: Zain Thibaut (z-aye-n  thigh-boo)
» Nickname(s): Z, Zay, and Packer.

» Gender: Demiboy (he/him and them/they pronouns)
» Age: 20 years 
          » Height: 5'7"
          » Weight: 107 lbs
» Birthday: December 31
» Zodiac: Aquarius
» Occupation: Masseuse

» Species: Zoroark 
» Type: Dark
» Moveset: 
:icondarktypeplz: Foul play    :iconnormaltypeplz: Attract
:iconnormaltypeplz: Confide    :iconghosttypeplz: Shadow ball

Personal Information ]

» Nature: Rash 
» Characteristic: Quick tempered 

» Personality: 
            ▲ Caring
            ▲ Flirty
            ▲ Passionate
            ▲ Sympathetic 
            ▲ Friendly

            ▼ Selfish
            ▼ Easily Jealous 
            ▼ Cocky 
            ▼ Arrogant 
            ▼ Defensive 
» History:     
                            Zain grew up in a rather rural atmosphere, growing up a younger sibling to his fathers son from a previous wife. Zain always loved having a older brother to hang out with, since they lived far from most other people, his big brother was practically one of his only friends. As time went on and Zain got older, he began to grow distant towards his father, but he adored his mother to no end: even though the father he grew up with was in fact his biological father, he still felt a better connection to the mother who was of the same species. When the young Zoroark began to enter his teens, his mother  became pregnant again and was to give birth to identical twins. Further in the months, as she went into labor, they discovered that one of the boys in fact did not make it. 
                            Years after the tragedy, the new little brother became more dependent on his older Zoroark brother than his own parents, but the both seemed to have a better relationship with their mother than their father. Zain's older brother on the other hand flew the coop right around this time, leaving Zain to be the eldest of the siblings. Although the Zoroark's little brother looked up to him as a role model, Zain was everything but: at this time he fell into some more delinquent acts such as thievery and substance use, arguing that it was a effect of problematic causes, although clearly being more about attention factors. 
                            Finally Zain was pushed out of the nest by his father that thought the Zoroark had pushed the family boundaries a bit too far, leaving the boy to come to Millennium city. His mom helped him get set up and situated in his very own apartment, and since he had 3 years of athletic med and physical therapy under his belt, it didn't seem to hard to get a couple job options on the table. Since then Zain hasnt been able to keep very close contact with his little brother and mother besides the occasional phone call, but he plans to maybe set up a way to live with his brother whenever the chance arises.  

» Loves
            :bulletred: When others play with his hair
            :bulletred: Being right
            :bulletred: Roses
            :bulletred: Sense of touch
            :bulletred: Music
            :bulletred: His pet Ivy
            :bulletred: Listening
            :bulletred: Coffee
» Likes
            :bulletorange: Smoothies
            :bulletorange: Piercings
            :bulletorange: Shopping
            :bulletorange: Doodling/watching others doodle
            :bulletorange: A challenge
            :bulletorange: Romcoms
            :bulletorange: Pets (especially bugs)

» Dislikes
            :bulletyellow: Being proved wrong
            :bulletyellow: Salt water
            :bulletyellow: Dirt
            :bulletyellow: Most meats
            :bulletyellow: Cake
            :bulletyellow: Petrichor
            :bulletyellow: Being ignored
» Hates
            :bulletblack: Being disrespected
            :bulletblack: Annoying individuals (especially children)
            :bulletblack: The smell of freshly cut bark
            :bulletblack: Tea
            :bulletblack: Waiting
            :bulletblack: Not getting what he wants
            :bulletblack: Fighting types
» Talents:
            ▲ Good with his hands
            ▲ Bilingual 
            ▲ Filtered language
            ▲ Good listener
            ▲ Respectful towards higher ups
            ▲ Cooperative towards the respected 
            ▲ Quick learner
» Flaws: 
            ▼ Quick tempered/ easily frustrated
            ▼ Horrid cook
            ▼ Dyslexic   
            ▼ Recklessly impulsive
            ▼ Habits of lying 
            ▼ Narcissistic 
            ▼ Indecisive 

                                                                                                       [ Relationships ]

          » Orientation: Biromantic Homosexual
          » Preference: Attracted to pushy, dominant, and dangerous traits. 
          » Status: Single
          » Crush(s): TBA

          » Family:
            Mother: Close relationship (Zoroark)
            Father: Antagonistic relationship (Spinda)
            Older (step)brother: Friendly relationship (Spinda)
            Younger brother: Deceased (Zorua)
            Younger brother: Very close relationship(Zorua)
          » Pet(s): Itchy the Burmy
          » Offspring:None

Additional Information ]

          » Trivia:  
                -Has a birthmark on his back that looks like a coffee stain
                -His little brother calls him 'Packer' because that is Zain's middle name, most don't know this unless their are closer
                -Usually gets take out or orders pizza, thus there can be left overs/ garbage lying around his apartment
                -Zain hates it when Itchy cloaks himself with trash, so he buys potted plants for Itchy to play around in
                -Gives his number out rather commonly
                -Likes a lot of electronic music
                -Sometimes found at the night club
                -Braids his hair when hes alone and bored
» Commonly Carried Items (above):
            -Cellular phone x1
            -Ear buds x1
            -Pen x2
            -Small notepad x1
            -Itchy the burmy x1
(sometimes Itchy attaches them self to the back of Zain's jacket)

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